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"Good morning starshine! The earth says hello!" Go Willy Wonka! haha, anyways- Welcome, wonderful personas, to my humble blog! Thank you for somehow stumbling over here! Each of my posts are filled with hard work and a lot of contemplation on whether to post it or not, haha. Most of my posts will be weird... Continue Reading →

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Just for one night

Its fine, I'm alright, But can I pretend just for one night My heart is as dark as an eclipsed sky, So no one can hurt me, I will never cry Can I pretend just for one night, I'm as perfect and radiant as the sun's light, So I can't scold myself Never again will... Continue Reading →


Treading on tiptoes, Feather touch Airy whispers You're barely there, swift as the west wind I see you pass, turn my head And the world explodes just for a minute, My scars are burning, im on fire I yell out in pain But no one can hear me crying for help And it was just... Continue Reading →

I’ll Keep Walking

My head feels heavy, My heart feels like it wants to cry, Im surrounded with people, Im not alone but im lonely Im jealous, and bitter and broken I say im not but i cant lie They say im strong, but i still cry For every small thing in this big life My thoughts fill... Continue Reading →

She Lived in Her Daydream

She was alone in her mind, She was invisible and unseen, She had no one by her side, So she tried to escape. She created a world she could call her own, A world where she would never be alone, She was wanted and loved and most of all, seen, She left Reality, the world... Continue Reading →

Friendship Day! :))

So....HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAYYYY!! I know friendship day was on Sunday lmao (It's Wednesday here for me), but I consider the whole week to be Friendship Week lol. So, HAPPY FRIENDSHIP WEEK!! I'm going to be honest here and say I was going to write a poem on friendship and stuff for this special day, but... Continue Reading →

Acrostic Poem- ALONE

So, in school today we had to write a acrostic poem in relation to our situation here today, like the pandemic and the virus and stuff. I chose "Alone", and i thought i would just post it out for ya guys. A- all these days L- lonely in the chaos O- orchestrated disarray in the... Continue Reading →


First a dream just out of my reach, Always in front of me, but I could never see The monster waiting to pounce onto me For one day you were finally in my arms, But you turned out to be a nightmare, a greek gift in disguise Now I'm hurting, trying to escape Reaching for that dream I... Continue Reading →


Here is a word, Wandering around unseen, A word that reminds me of past memories, Of a joy and innocence only our past selves could see, Of roundabouts and merry-go-rounds, Of polaroid on the beach, This word brings the past, Back memories of 5 minutes that became 10, 10 minutes that became 20, Parents shouting... Continue Reading →

she was not desperate-

she was not desperate- she was not anymore she was leaning out its grip- till something caught her by the horns she was fooled- fooled herself for thinking she had escaped for even in her sleep she could not stop the weakling she had become day by day and night by night mornings passed till... Continue Reading →

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